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The Core of What We Do

During the last few months, the hospitality, meetings and events industry has taken a huge hit with many individuals losing their jobs and even closing their businesses. Being apart of an industry that never seems to have a slow season then abruptly shuts down can shake even the most organized and veteran meeting professionals. Prior to COVID-19, we were busy planning in-person meetings at hotels, huge conferences at convention centers and maybe even a few video calls; but in the back of our minds, we knew that hybrid events were slowly entering the market and would eventually become the norm. Ready or not hybrid events were the future…COVID-19 only helped speed up the process.

By being thrown into the fire, most of us learned on the fly adapting and making changes along the way. However, change can be hard to accept in any situation whether in your personal life or professional career. YOU have to decide how you are going to move forward. Will you rely on returning to the past or what we think of as “normal”? Or will you refocus your energy, learn a new skill and develop a creative strategy that will lead your team and clients into the future? When I see these two questions, there is only one answer.

As meeting and event professionals, what lies at the core of what we do is bringing people together. We bring people together to celebrate, collaborate, decide, educate, network and inspire. Whether it is through an in-person, virtual or hybrid event, it is our mission to deliver an experience that brings people together. Yes, it may be a challenge to pivot to virtual especially when we have postponed taking the time to educate ourselves and even have these conversations with our clients; but, we are the kings and queens of problem solving! This is what we do! We are constantly planning, recreating and finding solutions based on our clients needs. Yes its a challenge, but its nothing we can’t handle.

Stay positive. Stay focused. Stay true.

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