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Building Genuine Connections

Virtual events have been our main way of connecting for almost a full year thanks to the COVID lock downs of 2020. Even with a strong comeback of in-person events, virtual is here to stay. Virtual meetings and events have shown that we can connect to a much broader audience in the comfort of our own homes. Companies and their associates have discovered that they can have the same success without the daily commute and typical office expenses. However, with more and more businesses working remotely, the question becomes, how do we build genuine connections with our teams? It is extremely important for managers to develop and implement programs that truly acknowledge and show appreciation for their associates. The following three ways can help bridge the gap to cultivating better relationships between managers and their associates.

Personal Video Messages
1. Yes! Take the time to make a short individual video that says the person’s name. One way to make this task more manageable is to split up the names of your associates by birthday, department or work anniversary and record a few videos each month. This is a great way to help your associates be seen by you!

Casual Convos
2. Schedule a 15 minute one-on-one conversation with each of your associates using the same method as in the idea above to make it more manageable. Use this time to learn about their lives outside or work and who they truly are. Our founder, Sam Rocc, found this technique very helpful in building a genuine connection with her restaurant team. After asking about what they liked and what they would improve, she would ask about their favorite meal. Why? Everyone loves to talk about food and there is most often a story connected to their favorite meal! It is a simple question that can really break the ice.

Appreciation Gifts
3. It 2021 and nothing brings more joy than seeing that your Amazon package has been delivered. You may not want to admit it, but you know its true. We love receiving gifts! Send your team a custom Brilliant Event Box to say thank you to your team.

Each of these suggestions can be implemented for in person and virtual offices. What do you think? What strategy will to try this year to better connect with your team?